Julie Amici IBC Update

Our trip to Memphis was an inspiration! On our first stop in Nashville, Vince Gill asked Julie to come up and join them for a song, please check out the video above!

As most of you know, we competed in the International Blues Challenge as a Duo. While we did not make it as far along as we hoped, the experience was amazing and fulfilling. We were also very satisfied with our performance and progress as a duo, and we will be doing more of that in the future! As we sat there and watched the finals it was apparent that although our act was very original, it was not traditional enough for the judges.

The experience of meeting so many other musicians from around the world, and hearing their music, is priceless. Being able to perform in the different showcases and competitions on Beale Street was exciting and once again, a priceless experience. We also were introduced to many different blues associations, and found out about a lot of opportunities and festivals we will consider for the future.

We take pride in the fact that we cross over to jazz, blues, folk, and country in both the cover tunes we play, and the originals that we write. We believe it serves us best for our future. We will keep writing our own songs, following our own path, and being true to ourselves and our art. We hope you will continue to follow us on that journey. Thank you for your contributions, well wishes, and emotional support. You were in our hearts and minds through this entire journey.