IBC Update Tues Jan 16

We wanted to send you a update on our Journey To Memphis!

We arrived in Nashville and spent some of the day seeing the sights around town and visited the Patsy Cline Museum. Patsy’s life, stories, and music is such an inspiration for us, we really loved it.

Last night we went to see Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers. A couple if songs into the second set, Vince Gill says “This is the time of the night when we invite a guest singer to join us, and it could be great, or it could be really great…. Is Julie Amici still here?”

Well, Julie had no idea I emailed Vince, sent him a video, and suggested he might like her to sing a song. This was all unexpected for her but she got up and asked if they could go a Hank Williams tune and he said “YES PLEASE”. Anyway, the crowd loved it and so did the band. They were so gracious backstage after the show and appreciative of her participation. What a treat!

Here is te video: https://youtu.be/tV31mu91kAU

It’s currently 13 degrees here and today we drive 3.5 hr to Memphis in a snowstorm. We where going to go down to Clarksdale for a jam with Rae Gordon but given the weather we may just hang out in Memphis and stay warm and rest up for tomorrow.

We will keep you posted.

love & gratitude,

Dean & Julie