Julie Amici & Dean Mueller have been nominated for two awards by the Cascade Blues Association for 2019! The “Back What You Believe In” Award for their dedicated work in keeping the blues alive, and “Best Blues Venue” Award for their Music Monday Series at Lake Theater & Cafe.

The 31st annual Cascade Blues Association’s Muddy Awards is already one of the most anticipated dates of the year for the city’s blues community. The ceremony will take place Wednesday November 6th 2019 at 6pm at the Alberta Rose Theater and will announce award recipients then. For more information visit https://cascadebluesassociation.org/. You do not have to be a member to attend the ceremony. Hope to see you there!

Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award

Julie Amici laying down scratch vocals in the Rain Cave Studio with the Edwina microphone by Ear Trumpet Lab.

We’ve been a little busy in the Rain Cave Studio and have been missing performing out more. Recording our new album takes a lot of time and patience. Our friend and wonderful musical director, Alan Jones, is taking time out of his busy schedule to produce our second album. Its still untitled- got any clever ideas? We are thrilled and can’t wait to introduce you to our new material we’ve been manifesting over the last couple years. As always thank you for the love, support, and inspiration! Stay tuned…